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Subject of the scale: Impairment: pain

DN4 Questionnaire


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Questionnaire initially written in French but immediately translated into English by the same team. The scale has been widely used since 2005 because of its simplicity. It evaluates neuropathic pain following central and peripheral neurological lesions.

It is also used for diagnostic purposes, allowing the clinician to determine if the pain is of neuropathic origin.

The questionnaire is composed of 4 questions with suggested responses to which "yes" or "no" must be replied.

This relates to the characterization of the pain (3 suggestions), associated symptoms in the zone (4 suggestions), the presence of hypoaesthesia in the zone (2 suggestions) and if the pain is provoked or increased by external stimulation (1 suggestion).

Each "yes" gives 1 point and each "no" gives no points. The score is thus out of 10.

If the score is greater or equal to 4, the test is positive with a sensitivity of 82.9% and a specificity of 89.9%.

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Psychometric properties:


Psychometric properties



Face validity


Content validity


Criterion validity

Concurrent validity


Predictive validity


Construct validity

Convergent validity


Divergent validity


Discriminant validity
(sensitivity and distinctiveness)



Intra-rater reliability


Inter-rater reliability




Internal consistency (alpha)




General comment on reliability:

An English version was immediately developed by the authors of the scale [1] but it has not yet been validated in English. It has been translated into many languages: Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish etc.

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