Finding a clinical assessment scale - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

échelles d'évaluations médicales - signeler une échelle

A missing scale:

Sending the scale:

If you notice that a scale is not listed on the website, please inform us by email:

If possible, please attach a version (model) of the scale (PDF, Word doc etc.). This will help us to integrate it into the website much more quickly.

Commentary and analysis:

You can also use the following form to write the commentary and analysis of the scale yourself (literature review, psychometric properties etc.), following the structure presented on the website.

Once completed, you can attach the form to your email.

If you do this, we will be able to publish the scale very quickly on the website, outside of our publication schedule, following validation by our experts.

Please do not hesitate to add any remarks or suggestions, or any complementary information about yourself.

Thank you for your participation!

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